DMPT Fishing Powder Food 100g


DMPT Fishing Powder Food 100g
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Features: Quickly attract fish, extensive and powerful, highly effective, last for long time. Eco-friendly and safe, no harm to fish and water. Fishing bait additive, improve bait’s adhesive and attraction. Smelly and will be popular with fish. Easy to melt in the water and easily deliquesce. Will not vestigital, excellent for fishing.

Freshwater fish: carp, crucian, eel, crickets, rainbow trout , rainbow trouts, tilapia, etc.;
Marine fish: large yellow croaker, true cockroach, turbot, etc.
Crustaceans: shrimp, crab, etc.

Usage and dosage: 0.5-1g per 500g bait, which is effective for spring, summer and autumn with high water temperature and mild hypoxia. Excellent performance in low-oxygen waters, with many fish and long duration.


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